A downloadable asset pack

In this zip folder I've put 2 different folders: Animations and Assets.

In the Assets folder there are all the assets of 0x72.

In the Animations folder there are some animations file: .anim and  .controller

The .anim file contain the animation and the .controller file contain the Animator Controller. 

Animations files are made to be used on Unity. 

Just unzip the folder and put all in your Unity project.

Sorry for this blank page and for the english.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


Dungeon Tileset Assets.zip 383 kB


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Wow.. thanks for the effort man. I love the sleep animation from the knights.  Are you going to continue this pack?

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At this moment I’m busy with homeworks and projects, but I already have in mind a mega pack to keep all the 0x72 universe sprites together, mixed with other inspired assets and I’ve already made several sprites for that so I just need some time to prepare everything.


Take your time